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SEED Roleplayers


Your Gundam SEED Roleplaying source
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Hello there fellow roleplayers, and welcome to zaft, your Gundam SEED roleplaying source. Here for the sole reason to join together fans who love the hobby of roleplaying. And who are looking for other players to join them. May it be in a community or anyone looking for a one-on-one IM random plotbunny.

Anything goes here. ANYTHING. Yaoi yuri incest requests, random ideas for a one shot roleplay or ideas for a long term storyline type of roleplay. Be vague, or be descriptive in what you're looking for. If you have an original character or are itching to try out a pairing or senario you've never tried before, crossovers. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. XD I cannot stress this enough.

Don't feel intimidated or hesitant, because odds are there's someone out there who may be interested in what you're looking for. :D

As for actual posting here, there's no real "RULE" as to what format to use it in, but I wanna reccomend something easy to get. Like what means you want to roleplay in (LJ, IM, IRC, MSN, etc), what your username, screename, e-mail is for contact purposes, what specific characters or pairings you might wanna focus on more than others. What you're open to and/or intersted in, not interested in. If you're picky about spelling and over or under usage of descriptiveness, point that out too! Of course group communities for a SEED RP looking for members are welcome too, not just messaging programs.

EXAMPLES -- you can do posts like either of these and all in between:

Hi my name is [__] my IM is [__], I like [__] the best and my favorite pairings are [__]. I do this kind of RP and I'm looking for this type of RP and I'm open to these pairings and these characters and these genres.

I have an idea! Anyone interested in a one-shot about [__] and [__] in this type of situation?


All of these requests are going to be memoried for archive purposes, in case any future newcomers would possibly be interested. If you make a request and you get it fullfilled, or just lose interest in roleplaying or the Gundam SEED fandom, feel more than free to contact me, gaignun or stormwaltzing [at] gmail [dot] com to take down your request so you don't get bugged be anyone, and I'll be more than happy to take it down.

Either way, post away, and hopefully you'll find someone to roleplay with! :)