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And for that matter, I'll start things off with me own roleplay seek.

Well for starters, my name is Tara. Roleplay wise, I usually stick to AIM or IRC. My AIM name is yzakjuie, and my IRC name is Yzak. The IRC server I'm on is irc.rizon.net and the channel I'm usually in is my domain's channel, #Cosmic-Era.

On that note, I also would not mind livejournal RP, but not group. I'll only do LJ ones if they're one-on-one, and we either use an account or a private community for them all to keep them stored on LJ.

As if you could not tell from my screename, IRC name and LJ username, I roleplay Yzak Jule mainly. So while it doesn't really matter that much how many characters are in a RP, I like roleplaying him, so while I'm leniant to anything, I'd perfer if I got the chance to RP him on a normal basis. XD So if anyone has anything in mind with either a story for another character or an OC alongwith Yzak as a main focus, I'd like that. :)

I also want Dearka RPers. Badly. XD Because I simply cannot get enough Dearka/Yzak. If there's anyone who want or have any plotbunnies for either one-shots or long-term things focusing on them, I'd love you long time.

I like anything. Seriously. I will roleplay any other pairings and story ideas and will give people full control of the RP and how it goes along, so long as I get Dearka/Yzak. And while I know some people are iffy on that, I'm not asking for that much. Especially in story-type RPs, because I *LIKE* them, meaning I'd focus on the story and everything equally, and not just wanna turn it into a big gay yaoi fest. Hell, people who are on "okay" terms with slash, I hope you all don't assume all I wanna do is be like "ur hot" "u r 2" "lets have sex" "k", since I actually like building up characters and development and stuff. :( I'd be totally happy with the smallest thing, so long as it's *there* and we can say "o DeaYza is in our rp!!!1 lol" Plus, we'd be focusing on other characters/pairings as well. x_x; So it's not even like that'd be the main focus. XD Of course I would not want the very least ammount of attention paid on it. XD

And why I elaborated on that a lot is I've lost some potential RP buddies cause a lot of people seem to assume this onoes. =O

Buuut, aside from long-term things, I think I'm only really looking for that if I do get the taste of DeaYza. Otherwise I just wanna stick to small things.

As for those small things, I will do -- ANYTHING -- if it's just a character focus type of RP. Pairing wise, I like Tolle/Miriallia, Kira/Lacus, Athrun/Yzak, Natarle/Murrue, Shinn/Luna and KiraCaga a lot, so I'd be willing to do ideas with them. As for others, I may be willing to do others than ones pointed out above, just gotta ask and I'll answer.

Buut, yes. I do anything. I'll do gag, serious, drama. And I love OCs so long as they're actual OCs and not cheap Mary Sues. :( Aka if you have a character named "Daisy Yamato" who's Kira's other long lost twin who pilots the Star Nova Gundam and is another Ultimate Coordinator who in a fic/RP you'd made Yzak get with and turn totally OOC for after knowing her for 5 minutes, then no thanks. XD Anything but that is A-OK!!!

And actual RP wise, I don't care much for description. I'm middle there. When a scene happens that should be descriptive, then I like it, and if a scene that's small happens, then I want it small. Not 300 words to open a door, but not 6 words to describe a scene or a setting.

Right now I'm actually looking for an SL that's possibly AU SEED, but like I said I wish someone with a good idea for one would be open to at least some DeaYza as explained above. Since I would be open to any story and go along with anything. :>

I'm a little shy with people who I dunno, but if you're open to insane hyperass morons like me who like goofing off in IM, then we'll be okay. ;D

And well .. if you even read this far. XD Aside from my introductory overall post, if I think of random plotbunnies for something I'll be posting here again. :>
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