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Rebirth of Liberty

The entire Earth Sphere is in chaos.

The Earth Alliance military is all but gone, the survivors are scattered and tired of war. Up in space the Plants are without a leader, and political infighting promises to degenerate unless something is done soon.

And over all this, a new shadow falls.

The war may be over, but the crew of the Archangel and their allies are about to discover that the struggle to wage peace can be far deadlier than any battlefield.

This is the premise of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Liberty, a play by e-mail RPG set just after the Destiny TV series.

MSGS: Liberty has been resurrected and revamped to make the application process easier. We're looking for a few good people. There's no number crunching. Just fill out a short bio for one of the available characters (most of the cast is available) or create your own! We even take fan-created mobile suits!

MSGS Liberty logo

Cross-posted to several Seed communites, applogies if you got the ad a lot ^^;;
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