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Hey everyone!

Hello! :) I absolutely love role-playing. Gundam Seed/Destiny is quite a challenge for me because it has to do with political events and you kind of have to make it up as you go along. I'd really like to get better role-playing and writing the story.

I actually run a role-play message board that's kind of a serious one.

Not only does it feature Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny, but others also.

You need to really know the character if you want to apply.

I love to role-play on message boards, but I also love to role-play in IM. I have MSN, Yahoo, and AIM.

AIM: jesusismyprince7
YIM: jesusismyprince
MSN: jesusismyprince

Please leave me a message as to who you are and how you found my username.

I don't mind any ratings. I don't care for doing YAOI or YURI. I'm not really for those types of relationships. I'm more into the male/female.
I'm usually best when it comes to playing characters like Lacus Clyne. I'm most comfortable at playing girls. I don't mind playing more then one character.

I support...

KiraxLacusxAthrun (I love the triangle)

If you're going to IM me, please get to know me a little first. :)

I don't care to role-play with people who only make me start or come up with the idea's. I like to work together with others. I also don't mind role-playing in groups too. :)
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