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GSD Toy Story 3!

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I was trying to find a Gundam Seed/ Destiny RP in the "interests" section and I came across this.

I'd love to join. Dibs on Cagilli, and starting to work on the app.

ah ha ha, funny link. I was also looking for Gundam Seed/Destiny RP as most of them seemed to have died. Might work on apps for either Lunamaria or Meyrin. Still a bit confused about how the e-mail rp goes but I suppose once it starts I'll get a clearer understanding.

Also, I have a question on how applications work for questions that doesn't have answers? Do we make them up? For instance, we have no idea where the birthplace for Luna and Meyrin is (or their history before ZAFT school), so do I just make something up?
Yep, just pick something at least semi-logical and go with it. It's a safe bet that for instance that the Hawke girls were born in the Plants.
hello ;p i'm interested in joining. might sign up for Yzak. :)