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Introductory post.

Hello there, fellow ZAFT members! I'm sure that this community needs some recessitation, right? Well, what if you wanted to join a Gundam SEED/DESTINY roleplay for a long time?

For me, I play Yzak Jule in glorious_future! It's set AU, Alternate Universe, and we need some people to roleplay with!

And, oh! I also could roleplay with anyone who wants to. I play a pretty good Yzak and my Lacus needs a bit of work, but I don't limit myself to the Commander and to the songstress, no no.

I have played Lunamaria Hawke and Meer Campbell, so I'm sure if you have some pairing you'd like to work out, IM me if you wish to RP! All of my contact information is in my userinfo!

Thank you!
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