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...hey, a community!

I don't really know if this community is still active...XD But I figured since I just -found- it, I'd give it a shot!

I can play Cagalli, though I'm still working at it. Mostly, I roleplay as a character I made myself--her information is available anytime you'd like it, as well as an image. I'm also not bad at making characters up off the top of my head. (I'm not sure where that skill would ever come in handy, but you know. XD)

I'm open to ANYTHING, be it yaoi, yuri, or het. I can do tame roleplays as well as mature, I'll go as far as you want me to go. I'm available on AIM under the names RikaTamer and alterkitty. (If I'm not on one, I'm on the other, trust me. ^^) I do paragraph-styled roleplay, and as far as I've heard I'm not half bad! ^^

At the moment, I'm seeking an Yzak for a mature roleplay--a het pairing with my own character. Lame, yes, I realize that. XD But if there's anyone out there still -looking- at this, and can play him, the favor would be -greatly- appreciated. ^^
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