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I guess it is my turn....

Seeing as I'm LJ illerate, I won't have the nifty linky thingy. (BTW-if anyone can teach me, I'd be most appreciative!)

But I'm Jay. IM is the same as the LJ CorinFirestorm, MSN is, and I forget Yahoo name....

ANYWAY! I'm a good sized SEED fanatic, at least that's what I'm told. I love Dearka x Yzak, I blame Tara for that fact. I also am Quite fond of the normal Athrun x Kira, Shinn x Athrun (or reverse), Rey x Shinn, Sting x Auel, Gilly x Rey, and pretty much anyone times a cute blushing uke like Kira!

I think I can play most people....kinda. I have a little trouble RPing people like Sting, but yeah. I'm a pretty big yaoi fan, so I have no trouble rping adult situations between two guys, or het couples. I can't do yuri that well. I also like creating OCs to match what needs to be done. Random commanders, mech pilots, medics, doctors, renegades...I've created them all at one point or another. I like using ocs to achieve a point: a pairing or a victory. Kinda like an expendable plot point.

But anyway, I like most types of RP, but I'm looking for an AU setting. Something ancient or modern, but outside the realm of SEED. That's fun to me. So yeah! Um...::blinks:: I guess thats it!
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Hee. ReyShinn!! Eeee. OwO;;; Luff luff! AsuKira!! MEGA LUFF!!! xD;; Sorry. And....Hi.=)