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Desperately Seeking Sting!

First off, hello to everyone!

A friend and I are trying to track down a player for Sting Oakley, to complete our Druggie Trio on a multi-themed MUX. Stellar and Auel simply can't be left to their own devices! They're crazy, you know. They need their babysitter/leader and need him badly!

Honestly, there isn't anything too major that I'd like to see beyond the basics.

1. Be in character. You have some room to wiggle around and explore, but if you want to play Sting as bouncy, cheerful girlyman who likes to collect pokemon cards....I'm going to point at you and laugh.

2. MU*ing experience not needed, but always helpful. Roleplaying ability should be enough to express yourself. It doesn't need to be a novel, but please have some meat in your posing. One line wonders make me cry.

3. Some tolerance of Mature-themed roleplaying. Not TS, mind you. But things such as violence, mentions of violence, language and other assorted Dark themes.

Got the above things down and love Sting? Feel free to comment in this post. Information on the game (which doesn't allow outright advertising, unfortunately) can be provided once we chat. Thanks!
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